TPI Next templates

TPI Next provides a basic template to fill in your assessment, but in order to provide customers with a decent report, I have created some templates that can be used for this purpose. Report TPI NEXT assessment –  – Roadmap TPI Next –  – Spider Chart TPI Next –  – 

Defect Detection Percentage

Explanation This metric says something about how well was tested during the development phase. Any defects from production indicate that Software Testing missed something. Why? Obviously not to lay the blame on Software Testing if something was found in production, but to find out how we can prevent this next time. This could be in the […]

% of non issues

Explanation What is the rate of incorrect issues? In other words, how many issues have been identified as duplicate or not actually an issue. Testers should always be aware to enter actual issues therefore checking if it is already in the database or checking on reproducibility. Why? If too many “non issues” are entered by […]

# Open defects with status Resolved

Explanation “Resolved” can be changed by any other status used in the issue tracking tool the company uses. Other statuses commonly used are “to be tested”, “fixed” or “ready for test”. In this case it means that development has fixed something and Software Testing can start checking if it is actually fixed (or not). Why? […]