% of non issues

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What is the rate of incorrect issues? In other words, how many issues have been identified as duplicate or not actually an issue. Testers should always be aware to enter actual issues therefore checking if it is already in the database or checking on reproducibility.


If too many “non issues” are entered by software testers, development will take them less seriously and actual issues will get less attention. It also gives extra work for both developer and tester which could have been prevented.

How to measure

Count all issues with status closed and resolution “duplicate”and/or “no change required” depending on what is identified as a “non issue” at your company.


This number should be very low (<1%). It needs to be said that software testing needs to be aware that development does not simply identify issues as non issues based on e.g. the fact that they are hardware dependent or hard ti fix.

(Preventive) actions

Educate software testers if there are too many duplicates a.o.
Be sure to check if it really is a non issue or if Dev. simply does not want to fix it.
Make it easier for software testers to reproduce the issue and to find if a issue is already entered in the issue management tool.