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Core member of Global TLI Community Steering Committee (2011) internet_blue

Lead Capgemini TS Global Top Line Initiative Community (2011) internet_blue

Core team member Cluster BI Testing & QA (2011)Business-Intelligence-Cube

Leader SME group Open Source (2010)opensource

Core team member SME group BI testing (2010)Business-Intelligence-Cube

Interim Leader and core team member SME group Cloud Computing (2010) 2b868d5

Lead Testing Service Offerings (2009)rubic_cube

Various reviews for test books (TPI Next, Chain Testing)images

TPI NEXT Maturity Matrix tool designed and created (2009)tpi-next_uebersicht

Coached colleague with re-integration (2009-2010)images (1)

Initiator Global Capgemini Wiki layout and standardization (2008/2009)

Co-founder of the Global CoP Testing & QA

Lead of Testtooling focus group (2008-2010)

Contributed to a CoP MVO project (APF)

Champion/SPOC IBM Rational (2008-2009)

Webmaster intranet site of D84 (2005-2007)

As delegate to EuroSTAR 2006, 2007 and 2008

Sales support for EuroSTAR; article about EuroSTAR 2006, 2007 and 2008 for CoP Testing

Facilitator Workshop Open Source test tools (2005)